Infiniti is one of my favorite brands of auto mobile. The Infiniti M37X had me wanting to drive everywhere in it. I noticed that I was volunteering to be the driver for my friends just because I wanted somewhere to go and drive the M37X. Most people would think that this would be a car for an older person but that is not the case. It does have a more mature look to it though and that is undeniable. I had the pleasure of going on a date while I was driving the M37X. She was very impressed by the Infiniti when I picked her up. One of the things that I’ve noticed about women when it comes to cars is that they are pretty honest, and when they really love a car they will not hesitate to tell you.
When it comes to cars I’m really all about the features that are put in the automobile that make everyday life and travel seamless and efficient. When it comes to the higher end vehicles like the Infiniti M37X and it’s competitors these small everyday things like the heated steering wheel, back up camera, and lane assist become a big deal. The things that make your life easier become evident the more you spend time in a car. One of my favorite features is the adjustable driver’s seat. When I first got in the car and pushed the ignition the driver’s seat began to move forward and the steering wheel moved down and towards me. It was such a simple thing but I really liked it.
The Infiniti M37X was definitely a head turner, I decided to put it to the test on a road trip up to whistler. If you have ever taken the sea to sky highway one of my favorite factor is how diverse in terms of how the roads twist and turn. It is a great way to test any cars strengths and weaknesses. The m37X handled itself well under even considering that it was raining that day. With the paddle shifting and I was not disappointed. I was able to control the shifting of the gears with ease and no complaints. As I drove I noticed the distinctive sound that all Infiniti cars seem to posses. When I arrived in Whistler I had planned on staying overnight so I made sure I took advantage of the cars abundance of trunk space by packing heavy. There was more than enough room and because of that I had plenty of extra changes of clothes. The navigation system was easy to operate and came in handy because even though I had been to whistler a few times I do have a habit of getting lost sometimes. With the navigation system I was able to get from point A to B with no fuss.
The only major issue I had with the M37X was when I was parking. It is a wider bodied vehicle so sometimes it can be hard to find parking spots that you can easily fit into. I think that this will lead to a few door dings in public parking lots. I just had to very choosey about where I ended up parking all the time. It was a price I was more than willing to pay because the M37X is worth it.
The Infiniti M37X is worth it in my mind. I drove it and fell in love with it. You will not be disappointed in this car. You definitely get what you pay for in this ride. It’s sexy sleek and fun all in one package and it does deserve to be looked at if you’re looking for something starting at around $55,000.


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