I have to be honest. One of my absolute favorite types of cars to drive are luxury models. The Lincoln MKS fits into this category beautifully. The Lincoln MKS has been upgraded with more horsepower, better steering and breaking, and a nice sleek style. The first moment I sat in the drivers seat I was at home. What I enjoy about the luxury series of cars is they usually have an excellent amount of space on the inside for your comfort but also they provide with a ton of little perks that make your drive enjoyable and comfortable. You know you enjoy a car when you don’t mind sitting in traffic or when you find yourself volunteering to be the driver for your daily activities. One of my favorite features of newer model cars that the Lincoln MKS also shares is the keyless entry. Gone are the days where you have to rummage through your pocket or purse to find a key. It is such a simple concept but it makes your life so much easier.
I found that the 3.5 liter V6 engine worked well for me even though I did mostly inner city driving. Usually with most cars you come to find that they lack the necessary go when you put your foot on the gas but the MKS had no such issues. Kicking out about 305 or 365HP depending if you’re looking at the Ecoboost or standard edition. You can see that Lincoln is giving you a little bit of speed to play with when you are driving the MKS and for that I am thankful. The price of the MKS starts at $42,000 so it should be expected to have some kick to it. It is pretty easy to see that Lincoln has put a ton of work into the MKS. I found that it had great handling. I find that with most cars that give you higher horsepower the steering tends to be a little bit stiff but that was not the case with the MKS. The Lincoln MKS was an easy car to get into and just drive and that is a big selling point for me.
The interior of the MKS has been nicely updated. I loved the fact that there were no knobs. Everything on the center column and steering wheel has been slicked down and designed so that the driver feels like they are at home. The Lincoln touch system is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Inside the MKs you notice that there are actually two sun roofs, one for the front and one for the passengers in the back. A hidden gem that I enjoyed just because it was there was the privacy screen on the back window of the car. It kind of made me feel like I was someone important. One thing I did notice was that the trunk was a little small but luckily I did not really have to use it that often.

Overall The 2012 Lincoln MKS was a really good ride. I like the direction that they are taking with the body design and the work that Lincoln is putting into their products. They are working hard to get a good product and the results definitely showed in the MKS.


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