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The Journey is Dodge’s new crossover. The look that Dodge was going for with this new crossover does have a little way to go. Because this is Dodges first kick at the can I guess you cannot judge the look too harshly. In my opinion though they do have a little more work to do on the looks of the Journey. The crossover field is growing rapidly and if Dodge would like to make a splash then they will have to give us a little something that makes them stand out from the competition.

journey gauges journey intAs a 7 passenger vehicle the Journey does a good job with the interior. As far as most of the other crossovers go it is one of the roomier ones. Its leaves plenty of space for you and whomever you need to transport. I did enjoy the fact that I was able to transport such a large number of passengers and have us all sitting comfortably while being well entertained by a pretty good entertainment system. I took the Journey on a small trip just to see if it would hold up and it did. The fold down screen for the back passengers became a great time consumer for the small children that we happen to be carrying with us at the time. The leather and technology that were put inside the Journey all held up well. Two tone leather with red stitching was a good look and matched the paint job well.

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While driving around I noticed that it really did have great pick up speed and stopping time. It does however need a little more work to make it a perfect system because the gas consumption was pretty high. It seems that Dodge has not mastered the gas consumption problem that North American car companies are infamous for. Most car companies are now trying to move into a more Hybrid zone with their SUV’s and the gas consumption issue will definitely be noticed by most people. Handling wise the journey was not really anything special. Comparatively the competition does have an edge but since the Dodge Journey is in its infancy but it does have potential. I can see what Dodge was attempting to bring to the market with its addition to the Dodge lineup. If Dodge wants the Journey to become a major part of the automobile industry it will have to give customers a reason to want to buy it. There is nothing that stands out about the Journey that would make us think that it is special and worth a look at and with so many options out there that is something that is needed in today’s auto industry.

With the amount of competition and compared vehicle being offered in the market right now I would say that the Dodge journey may not be worth a look. It does have certain fine points but the drawbacks outweigh the better points. Try it before you buy it but it may not be worth the time.

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Price(CDN)Starting Engine Seats Rating
$19,495 2.4L-4 cylinder,V6         7    2/5


By Randall Gibara


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