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I’m not usually one for smaller cars. On my first walk around of the Fiat I couldn’t help but to notice the European influenced design. The Fiat is easily one of the smallest cars that I’ve been in so far. Looking at it almost make me wonder if I could even fit inside of it. What caught my eye the most was it’s round body design and small wheel size. Since we are in the winter months those factors did have me a little worried. The Fiat was quick to ease my worries by performing the well made automobile that it is.




fiat beats fiat intThe interior design was created with maximization of space in mind. Most would think because of it’s smaller size that it would be a two seater. Not the case in fact on many occasions I had four adults in the Fiat. At times it was a little tricky because I happen to be driving a standard and I had to move my seat up which made me uncomfortably close to the steering wheel. The passengers in the back seat where pretty squished too. In terms of space it would be best to use it as a two seater and in a pinch I would say let your friends hop in the back seats. One of my favorite features was the stereo system. It seems that Fiat actually uses the Beats By Dre speaker system which is one of the most popular in the market at the moment mainly because it offers such great quality sounding music. The leather trim was good and the design itself on the inside was excellent and simple. Everything that you needed was pretty much in the middle consul and easy to read. Also if needed there is an optional GPS that can be added on. One thing I was not a fan of was the hand rest I noticed it was kind of small and short so unless you had long arms you had to reach for it and that got pretty uncomfortable after awhile. Trunk space was what I had expected it to be. For the size of the Fiat it was pretty good. I had my groceries in the trunk and it all fit with very little issues. One of the things that I like was the simple fact that someone couldn’t just look in the back window and see your stuff I kind of liked the privacy.


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To be honest despite it’s small size the 2013 Fiat does have some speed to it. With the push of a button you can turn the Fiat into sport mode. It gives you a higher RPM output and you notice it when you step on the gas. Even with a smaller engine size I was able to feel like I was on par with every other cars on the road. Shifting the gears were smooth and easy. It is easy to see why someone would begin to like this car after driving it because even in winter I felt like I was safe with the icy conditions. I could only imagine how fun it would be to zip around this city in that car.


The 2013 Fiat is an overall great small car. Easy to drive and fun to be in. The European look is trendy and up to date with a great sound system and very comfortable on the inside. When looking at a car you have to make sure it has certain things that suit your needs. If you are looking at a smaller car I think the 2013 Fiat should be on your list of cars to checkout.

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    1.4L  5 speed manual    5 7.1(City)-5.7(Highway) Starting at $20,995

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