The all new 2013 Ford C-MAX has finally landed In North America. It is in the same class as the Prius V. Ford has taken a new direction with its release but it is not a bad look. The front end looks like a combo of an Astin Martin and another Ford product call the Ford Escape. And the back end is round. That combo gives it its unique look that kind of looks like a smaller minivan. One thing that you should know is that the C-MAX only comes as a hybrid.


Ford usually keeps the inside of their cars at a pretty high standard. In this case the C-MAX is no different.  When I first sat in the car I noticed how nice the interior was. It had a nice stitch and very few complaints about how it felt to touch. This was not one of those cars where the inside felt cheap and plastic like. However in the back that was not the case. When it comes to the center consul of any car Ford is one of my favorites because they always have such big clear screen.  In many cars you pretty much get on or the other not both. The C-MAX really reminded me of being inside the Ford Escape. They both have a really similar look and feel.  The center consul does come with my4 touch. It is a pretty easy to use system. Everything that you need is offered in different categories. For example everything if you need to control the music then all you have to do is tap the entertainment tab and everything entertainment related will pop up on the screen. The whole design and layout is pretty simple but effective. The back passenger’s seats give anyone sitting in the back a lot of room.  One really cool thing I noticed was there is actually a small storage space under the feet of the passengers in the back. Something like that would come in very handy if you wanted to keep your things safe and were scared someone would break into your car. The Ford C-Max does offer a ton of space inside for all the passengers so you do not have to worry about driving with a full car load. One more that you should know is that there is not a spare tire in this car. Instead you get a fix a tire kit. The room the tire would have taken up has been given to more storage space.

cmax 01 

The C-MAX is a push button start car. When I first started the ignition I wasn’t sure I had actually started the car because it was so quiet. I guess that’s one of the perks of a hybrid engine. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the amount of HP the car provided. Usually when driving a hybrid you are aware that you will have to sacrifice HP for the great fuel economy. The overall drive of the C-MAX was really good. One thing that I like to look at when driving a car is how it actually feels on the road. Do I feel ever single bump on the road and how does it handle. Ford has done an excellent job to make sure your ride is comfortable and that it handles well.


The C-MAX is worth a look. It has a great engine for a hybrid and it does offer you speed even though most hybrids do not. There is a spot for the Ford C-MAX in today’s market. If you are looking for a hybrid then you should think about looking at the C-MAX.


Price (Starting) Transmission Mileage Seats
$27,199 Electronic Continuously Variable (e-CVT) 71(city)-69(HWY)   5

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