Ford Motor Company set out to come up with a solution to the fuel economy issue at the same time come up with a vehicle that the public actually wanted to be seen in. For several years the SUV was the hottest selling family vehicle on the market. Then we were hit with sky high gasoline prices and many fingers were pointed at the SUV as the culprit. Rather than eliminate the SUV altogether, the auto industry began to downsize them and the crossover was born.


In order to keep up with the buying public, Ford has continued to evolve their offerings to stay ahead of the game. To this end, the 2013 Ford Escape was introduced as an answer to growing fuel economy problems.

More than great looks

The 2013 Ford Escape is a great example of where Ford was listening and delivering what today’s consumer is wanting. Whether you are looking for a car to haul the family around town or just the two of you for a night on the town, the Escape has it all.

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Ford discovered that by simply downsizing the SUV concept even further that there would still be plenty of room to fit five people comfortably and there was still plenty room for cargo in the back to hold groceries or others common items from weekly shopping trips.  At the same time it was able to maintain the popular looks that made the SUV so popular in the beginning.


Vehicle Specifics

As they say “The devil is in the details” and they are at the heart of the 2013 Ford Escape and it is important to include them in this review. From the three available engines to 7 different wheel options the Ford Escape is loaded with great features.

With your choice of the 2.4 L Duratec Engine, the 2.0 L Ecoboost Engine or the 1.6 L Ecoboost Engine, there is a selection for everyone. With adequate power in all the engines, the main benefit is the efficiency as seen in the ecoboost engines which provide fuel economies in the range of 9.1-9.8 L/100km (city) and 6.0-6.9 L/100km (highway). All engines are accompanied by Ford’s 6 speed automatic transmission and depending on the model, customers can choose from the front wheel drive or all wheel drive.

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If you are in the market for an economy vehicle that still has some pep in its step, loaded with features and functionality and looks great, you can’t go wrong with the 2013 Ford Escape.


ENGINE 2.0 L I4 GTDI Ecoboost (231 HP)
TRANSMISSION 6 Speed Auto (with Manual Shift)
SAFETY Dual Front/Side, Overhead & Knee Airbags
MILEAGE 9.8 L/100km (CITY) / 6.9 L/100km (HIGHWAY)

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