The 2013 Ford Explorer has been totally redesigned from the ground up. It’s bigger and bolder and I personally love the look of it. You never guess by looking at it that it was ment to be a family type vehicle but it can seat up to 7 in this big boy. Ford did a great job on this SUV. They managed to give you the ability to carry a family but not give you the minivan type feel to it. It’s ok to be a soccer dad but you don’t have to show the world because of the type of vehicle that you drive.
The inside of the explorer came with plenty of toy to play with. Like most of the Ford product line the center touch screen seemed to have a few issues with it reacting kind of slow sometimes. I guess Ford still has not figured that out yet. The traction mode switch in the Explorer kind of reminded me of the Land Rover terrain system. That means with the turn of a knob you can pick whatever terrain you happened to be driving on. One of the down falls however was the fact that there was not much clearance so if you happened to be doing some off roading you might end up bottoming out. I was a big fan of the amount of room that was offered inside of the Explorer. All three rows provided all of the passengers with enough room to be comfortable. Ford also gives you a moon roof so that the passengers in the back get a little bit of light. I enjoyed the third row of seats being controlled with the push of a button. It made really easy to turn it from a 5 to 7 seats and vice versa for the times when you needed the extra room for groceries or storage.
I did have to try the terrain management system out. A few of us had the joy of heading out of the system and finding a nice path of dirt to stretch the Explorers off road legs and we were def not disappointed. Other than the clearance there were not really any major issues. Sometimes however I did wish that there was a little more power in the engine to get over some of the hills. Overall it held up well in the off road test.
The 2013 Ford Explorer was a good SUV class vehicle. I am the type of driver that enjoys this class of vehicle because they are the most comfortable types of rides. When you’re in a SUV you just can’t help but feel safe. You have great round view and a ton of safety features. I think it is a vehicle worthy of taking a look at.



By Jason Ronci


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