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The Ford Fusion hybrid is a great looking car. I really like how this car looks. Its nice simple and to the point. One of my favorite things about the Focus is it’s strong design. Was one of a kind but now Ford has kind of adopted the Astin Martin look for the new 2013 Focus. The car speaks for itself and once you see it you will definitely fall in love with it. Do not be fooled though because it is still a hybrid and compared to other hybrids in the market it is on the list of the better looking hybrids for sure.


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Inside the cab on the new 2013 Ford Fusion there is a nice amount of room available. It is sometimes hard to find a balance of space and comfort for some cars but the Focus is not one of those cars. In typical Ford fashion the middle consul is really simple to operate and gives you a lot to work with. Everything is literally at the touch of your hands from the steering wheel.  I really appreciate that because it makes driving just a little bit safer than if you’re not fumbling to find controls.  Space wise there is a generous amount of space available for all in the car. I had four reasonably tall people in the Fusion on multiple occasions and I had no complaints. A car that offers a good amount of room goes a long way in my books.


I really like driving the Fusion. The car went from 0-60 in about 8 seconds which was kind of a disappointment to me. The fact that it is a hybrid allows me to be forgiving on that fact. The handling was great and responsive but one important thing was that I did not feel like I was over steering at higher speeds. While driving I could barely hear the engine is was very quiet and I loved that fact. 2013 Ford Fusion offers a very smooth ride you will not have any complaints about a bumpy ride.


I have to say that the 2013 Ford Focus was a nice surprise for me. Taking it around town was a great joy. Ford has gone in a great direction with this car. This car definitely goes on my take a look at list.

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Price(starting) Transmission Mileage Seats
$29,999 6 speed automatic 35(city)-53(HWY)    5

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