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To be very honest I do enjoy the direction that Ford is taking its vehicle line up. The way they are trying to win a loyal customer base. How they are doing that is by taking their cars and just making it into a complete package. They have a way of giving you a complete product that is easy on the eyes.

taurus side taurus rearThe complete for package for me starts on the outside of the Taurus. The new look design is not just sleek but very stylish. With some cars the body design looks good from only one direction. What that means is that either it looks really good from the front end, the headlights, great grill. Or they look good from the back which is just a good looking trunk design, and tail light placement.  The front end of the new Taurus has been redesigned. The hood has been stretched, the look of the headlights have been changed and they give you the option for daytime running lights that make the over look of the front end complete and pretty sexy and transform the Taurus from a family car to a pretty nice ride. Let us not forget about the grill though, it almost seems Austin Martin inspired and I have to say that you cannot go wrong there. The back end of the Taurus is looking pretty good if I may say so. One of the things that I didn’t like was the fact that there was no way to open the trunk while standing in front of it other than the remote. Common now Ford. I love progress as much as the next person but you have to think a little more practically for your customers. Once you get the trunk open though you will not be disappointed because it is huge. If I was a hit man in the mod and had to place bodies in my car trunk then yup, the Ford Taurus would definitely be my best friend.

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On the inside of the Taurus what Ford decided to do with the back row of seats is to kind of have them elevated. This was due to the fact that they wanted to give you all of that room in the trunk. The good thing is that you still have plenty of leg room. It kind of feels like your head might hit the roof at any minute but that is not the case. It kind of reminded me of sitting in a stadium because you were looking down at the driver and front passengers head. Everything in the front of the car was pretty good though. I had no problem looking through the front windshield even though you would think the newly designed hood would get in the way due to its bulky look. The way the car is designed for the driver made it looking around really easy. I could see out the back with no problem. Just as an added bonus you have elliptical mirrors in the side mirrors just to make you life a little bit easier.

There are a few options available under the hood for the Taurus. Starting with the 3.5 liter V6 or one of the two turbo charged eco boost models. The two turbo models are better because the pack quiet a punch and are worth taking a look at. The Ford Taurus was a nice car to get to know and is well worth taking on a test drive. It definitely has my stamp of approval.

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Price (CDN) Starting Engine Seats Rating
$27,299 2.0L ti-VCT ecoboost   5   4.5/5


By Randall Gibara



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