If you were to just judge a car strictly on the look of it then you would not have any problems with the Kia Optima. It is a very good looking car with a sleek design. It is very aerodynamic so that it can slice through the air like a hot knife through butter.  Not much has changed in the look of the car from the previous years model. One of the major differences is the fact that they 2013 Optima has been equipped with day time running lights to give a more sophisticated look.





To get into the Optima was a synch with the key fob. I could just keep it in my pocket and push the button on the drivers door handle to open my door. I really enjoy the keyless entry function that all car companies are starting to go with. Gone are the days when you have to search through your giant purses to find a single key ladies. Once I was inside the Optima I was greeted with a very comfortable leather interior. To be honest I have felt better but it was not bad. Well stitched and smooth to the touch. It worked well with the rest of the inside of the Optima. I kind of felt spoiled because both the driver and passenger seats were power operated and you don’t really get to see that much these days. I was really disappointed by the in dash screen because it was so small. Even though it was a touch screen I found it was not very responsive and not very clear at all. When it came time to use the back up camera it was quiet a task and if it was raining then it was as good as useless. Room wise it did provide enough for everyone to be comfortable. I had a few trips over an hour long with 3 passengres plus myself and I had no complaints from anyone about being too cramped.Even the trunk was pretty spacious enough room to fit every bag we had to offer it.


I felt that the Optima could’ve offered a little more speed. It has the look of a car that is ment to go fast but when you put foot to peddle you did not get the feeling of a fast acceleration. Usually when you put a car into paddle shift mode you notice the difference and pick up in speed. I never felt that in the Optima and I was really disappointed because it looked like one of those cars that if you wanted it to could knock you socks off. Sorry Kia I guess 200HP was not enough. The way the car felt on the road was pretty good. Driving around these city streets you tend to go through a lot of road construction and that could take away from any car ride but the Optima held up well because I like the fact that I did not feel every single bump in the road.


The Optima was a good car but not a great one. If i had to put it up against it competitors then I would put it somewhere amoung the middle of pack. It’s not that I hate the Optima it’s just that I was not impressed by it. Kia however does offer wonderful warranties on their products so if you are looking for something long term, with a good build then you can definitely check out the 2013 Kia Optima.


Starting at $21,995 200HP       5 3/5




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