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At first glance you would not think that much has changed with the all new 2013 Kia Soul. Kia has kept the look pretty much the same as last year’s model with just a tiny bit of tweaking. The Soul does have a unique look and feel but its best qualities are cost and how easy it is to drive.

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When I first sat in the driver’s seat I couldn’t help but notice that there was a generous amount of room. A surprising fact considering the Soul is a smaller car. A very important factor in any car you purchase is the amount of room for not just you but also all of the passengers in your vehicle. One of the positives about the controls was how simple and clearly labeled Kia has made them. The in dash screen could’ve been made of better, to me looking at the screen kind of made me feel like I was watching a blurry movie. However it is very easy to operate and when it came time to add my phone via Bluetooth it was actually really easy to do. Sometimes it does tend to drop the Bluetooth connection and you will have to go through the steps to re add your phone. Overall inside the Kia Soul was well designed it does have its drawbacks but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

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When it was time to get behind the wheel I really did not know what to expect. The inside of most cars usually give you a good idea of what it is made of. For example if the inside of a car is made from cheap plastic materials then you’re almost certain to get an engine that won’t be top quality. The Kia Soul however did not disappoint, by no means is it a fast car but it offered me a very solid ride. The Soul starts at 138 HP and goes up to 164HP with all models coming with a 4 cylinder engine. Since I did mostly city driving I found I did not really need more than this. The Soul was a very easy car to handle and while I found that on the highway it was just as much at home I found that being stuck in traffic with the stop and go driving that most cities goers experience that it held up well with a single tank of gas. After nearly a week of solid driving it came time to fill the tank and even with today’s high fuel cost it was surprisingly cheap to fill. In the driving department the Soul got a thumb up from me.

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My impression of the Kia Soul was overall a positive one. Compared to other cars in it’s field it definitely does have a little more to offer because it does not follow any of it’s competitors. Kia has taken its own path to give you a different and unique product to drive. I would say that it is worth taking a look at the 2013 Kia Soul.






4 cylinder, 164HP

6-speed steptronic



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