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The first thing I noticed about the 2013 Lexus ES350 were a few of the body design changes that were made to the trunk and the side mirrors. I could not help but notice how nice the car looked and must say that Lexus did do a great job with the new design. Once I finally got into the ES350 I was quick to notice the high quality of leather that was used. It did not simply just stop there though, things like the great quality and clearness of the center consul screen and knobs and buttons caught my eye. The amount of room that I had was excellent and because of the ES350 new design the side mirrors were actually moved close to the driver. It wasn’t the fact that I was comfortable alone that I enjoyed it was the fact that the ES had so many safety features like front, side and curtain airbags. Combine that with the fact that I actually had a pretty good round view with very few blind spots made me feel like I was in complete control of the car at all times. The back row of seats had plenty of leg room for all three of my passengers and when it came time look in the trunk it was nice to see a trunk that could easily fit a full grown adult male or what I like to call a perfect mob car.

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Once I got the ES350 going I couldn’t help but notice how smooth the drive train was. When the gears shifted I barely even noticed. Compared to many of the cars in this class it is a definet competitor. The ride itself was super smooth and comfortable. Neither myself or my passengers had any complaints over even the bumpiest surfaces. I decided to take the Lexus ES350 on a real test drive on one of the curviest roads our fair city had to offer and it passed with flying colors. The suspension system left me in full control at all times, I never once felt that I was in any danger of losing control of the car. In the city the car fit perfectly in my everyday activities, whether it was going into the office, the gym, or going grocery shopping it was easy to drive and park with assistance from the back up camera.

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I have had the chance to drive a few luxury cars and to be honest the ES350 is near the top of my list in my book. It is an easy, fun car to drive. With the new look that Lexus has given it for 2013 it is also very easy on the eyes. The thing about the ES is the fact that it is not just for the business person, it can also be a great family car with all of the safety features that it provides. This car has my recommendation for anyone looking for a new top of the line luxury car.

Price (CDN) starting $39,500
Fuel Economy L/100km 9.9  (city) – 6.4(highway)=8.3 (combined)
Engine 3.5L V6
Safety Rating 5/5
Overall Rating 5/5




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