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One of the first things that I noticed about the look of the 2013 Suzuki SX4 was the front grill. The new design is sleeker than last years model and was overall more pleasing to the eye. At first glance I do worry about the overall size of the car though because from the outside it does look kind of small and as a taller individual I know that means that the inside will usually be cramped.


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Getting into the SX4 was a bit of a challenge as I had predicted. Once I actually got into the car it was not too bad but my longer arms and legs made it hard and uncomfortable to actually get into the drivers seat. Once I got into the Suzuki SX4 adjusting the seat and steering wheel to my requirement was pretty simple and I was eventually able to get comfortable. On my initial look around I noticed how simple the dash was designed. The buttons were big and clearly labeled which made them extremely simple to use. One of the major issues on the dash was the navigation screen. It was just too small and in my mind does not really compete with the competitors. The amount of room for the passengers in the back was not bad but because I was taller it got a little tight for whoever was sitting behind me. I took the SX4 on a little trip but not long into the trip both my passengers and I began to feel the effects of the limited amount of space offered. The trunk was great and offered a good amount of space. I never once had an issue with space in the trunk and if I did I just had to simply fold the back row of seats down and I had extra space if needed.


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The Suzuki SX4 performed well on the road test. Driving it was easy and rather enjoyable. The suspension held up great and I found the ride pretty smooth overall. Handling was easy and I never once felt like I was not in control of the steering wheel. It was very reassuring to know that even if I let go of the steering wheel a simple bump would not send the car out of my control. The acceleration was pretty standard, I felt that Suzuki did an excellent job with the amount of speed and power that they put into the SX4 and it was just the right amount. If you are looking for more of a “go” in your SX4 then I would suggest the manual and not the automatic to satisfy your need for speed.



I have to say that other than the fact that I am a little bit taller and some minor issues with the navigation system the Suzuki SX4 was overall an excellent and reliable car. If you are in the market looking for a basic sedan I would recommend taking a look at the SX4. I have a feeling that even though you might have some reservations at the first glance that if you get into it and drive it just might win you over.

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Price(CDN) starting at $15,495
Fuel Economy/100km 8.0L (city) – 6.1L (highway)
Engine 4 cylinder, 16 valve-150HP,140 pounds torque
Fadpip Safety Rating 4.5/5
Seats 5 but recommend 4
Fadpip Rating 4/5.  Very reliable automobile


By Randall Gibara


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