The Toyota 4-Runner has been around for many years because people realize that it is a great brand and a reliable product. Even though I have been in many cars in my life but when I first got into the 4-runner I couldn’t help but notice how much room there was. It was definitely designed with comfort in mind. I was a fan of the fact that my passengers and I were higher up. It made me feel a little bit safer. My taller passengers were in heaven and trust me when I say that I have had many complaints from them in the past about the lack of leg room. I was right at home from the moment I sat in the 4Runner. I like to do a blind spot check and to be very honest there were none. I thought that parking would also be an issue but driving around down town and parking this bad boy was no biggie. I remember I was driving around looking for one of those illusive parking spots and I found one but surprise surprise it was a parallel spot. Maybe I am just that good but it was a synch. It goes to show that even though the 4Runner might look like a beast the way it is designed makes it look bigger than it really is. The exterior design is pretty boxy so don’t have too many expectations on driving this thing like a sports car but you can probably guess that. If you get the 4Runner you were not looking for a sports car in the first place.
Like most of it’s Toyota brethren the 4Runner also come equipped with ECO mode in an attempt to help you save on gas. Since I do a lot of city driving I would just put it in Eco mode, by doing this you should also understand that you will be sacrificing power for less gas consumption. I was not really a fan of the in-dash touch screen. It did not seem like a higher end quality product. When I would look at the screen it was not crystal clear like most of it’s competitors. Most of the room on the inside is given to the passengers. I thought there could’ve been a little more room in the trunk. You can automatically tell just by looking at it that it will not handle like a dream but when you buy it you could probably of guess that.
I was driving one night and it had begun to rain. As we all know sometimes while its raining it can become very hard to see the lines. The 4Runner had excellent headlights. It was easy to find the lanes even in heavy rain. Just by the factors that I’ve listed it is pretty easy to see that the 4Runner was built with comfort and safety in mind. It would not be my first choice for a SUV but if your very loyal to the Toyota brand and you are looking for these qualities in your product you should check out the Toyota 4Runner start at around $37,4990.


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