The body design of the Toyota Corolla really is not anything special. One of it’s major selling points is it’s simplicity. It has kept customers coming back for years. I guess when it comes down to it Toyota has not had much reason to change the look of the car. Unlike most of it’s competitors the Corolla does not have many special features.
One of the key features of the Toyota Corolla is it’s simplicity. The interior is designed with simple a good fabrics. One of the first things I noticed was how big the dials for the climate controls were it would be hard not to notice what controlled what. However the rear of the car was kind of small and if you were a taller individual then you would notice a lack of head room. I ended up having to take a full car load on an hour and a half long drive and the one thing that everyone in the back noticed was how cramped it ended up being. I would have to say that if we had to go on a long road trip we definitely would’ve felt like we were cramped in a car. The trunk was more than enough though and I had no complaints. An odd thing I noticed was that where the sunglass holder would be my sunglasses did not fit. That was kind of weird if I do say so. The audio system is pretty basic and straight forward you do however get a USB audio jack which does in fact can come in handy.
In terms of safety your pretty much getting the basic 6 airbag system with an active head rest and smart stop. The Corolla is pretty much your average car and it does not really have anything that any average car would in terms of safety features. Under the hood is a 135hp 4 cylinder engine. The assisted steering makes it easy to operate the Corolla at low speeds and it is pretty easy to see why customers are drawn to the Corolla.
Overall I was not very impressed with the Toyota Corolla. I would have to say if you are very loyal to the brand and you wanted the Corolla then yes I would recommend that you go take a look and try it for yourself. For me personally it did not do much for me and even though it is priced to sell there are plenty of cars that compete in the mid-size category.


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