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I was not a big fan of the new 2013 Toyota Venza at first but eventually I grew to love it. Look wise I thought it was kind of boring and not very attractive but I quickly realized I was wrong. Looking at it now I see that Toyota was going for a uniwue look. In todays market trying something new is needed and refreshing. If car companies never took risks we would end up with the same looking product in every driveway.

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The uniquely shaped body of the Toyota Venza has afforded it to have plenty of room on the inside. It was easy to get in and out of the car. Being a taller person it was very refreshing to not have to struggle for once. Looking around the inside of the Venza I could not help but notice how much room was available. Most cars do a good job of offering plenty of leg but limited head room. That was not the case this time because I had plenty of head and leg room. Even the passengers sitting in the back had zero complaints. We loaded the Venza up with people and bags and hit the road for a small trip. A few hours into the trip most of my passengers were comfortably napping with zero complaints about space. The middle consul was pretty easy to use, the controls were easy to read and use. I can’t help but think that the screen could be slightly inproved though. It was clear but the definition and the overall look of it could use a little bit of improvement. That would also go a long way for the overall look of the Venza.

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While driving the Venza I found that the overall drivability of the car had nothing really special about it. The Toyota Venza was pretty basic ride and I felt I need a little more to get the most out of the car and enjoy my ride. For starters I felt that they could’ve given the cars engine a little more power so that it would have more start and stop power. And it handled well but I felt it needed a little more to handle the basic bumps on the road. I could see the Venza becoming something special if Toyota is able to put a little more work into it.

My favorite features were how roomy and how easy it was to use the Venzas controls. As an overall product the Venza does have a little way to go. As far as cars in the same price range it does have some growing up to do but it does still compete with the competitors product.

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Price (CDN) starting

Fuel Economy/100km 10.0  (city)  –  6.9 (highway)
Engine 2.7L,4 Cylinder 16 valve-182HP,182 Pounds Torque
Fadpip Safety Rating 5/5
Fadpip Rating 3/5



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