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The 2013 Volkswagen Passat came just as advertised. Much hasn’t changed from last year’s model and it is shown in the final product. When it came to the overall look of the Passat nothing really caught my eye. It stayed true to its German roots and held the classic Volkswagen looks well but other than that I was not overly impressed. On the interior there were a few things that caught my eye that I did not really like, the design of the inside was just so plain and the in-dash screen was very small and was not very clear at all. One of the things that annoyed me was the fact that after I had my phone synced to the Bluetooth it was have to be manually re added every time I started the car. One of the positives was the amount of space the Passat had on the inside, all of the passengers in the back of the car fell in love with the fact that there was so much head and leg room for them. It was not just the back row though, the trunk was huge and had enough room for about two fully grown adults and it was very impressive because it is probably one of the biggest in its class.

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Driving the Passat was very straight forward. One of the first things I noticed was how much kick it had. I was impressed by that but when driving try as I might I could not really find anything that stood out about the Passat. One of the things that Volkswagen should really think about is finding a way to make their product stand out in a market with so much competition. Handling was a little stiff and the suspension could have been beefed up just a little bit more. Drivers will find that the Passat does leave a little more to be desired and Volkswagen could’ve just given them a little bit more.

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The Volkswagen Passat did not win me over. I found it pretty plain and had no factors that made it stand out in my mind. The thing that will get it to sell is probably the fact that it does carry the Volkswagen brand. If you are a fan of German automobiles then this might be a car that you would be interested in.

Price $23,975(CDN)
Fuel Economy 9.6L/100km(city)-6.7L/100km(HWY)
Safety 4/5
Overall 2/5

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