So far, development on Glass has been extremely limited by the tools put in the hands of app creators. Namely the Mirror API with its constant need for an internet connection and limited functionality. The newly released Glass Development Kit (or at least an extremely early version of it) puts many more arrows in the quicker of coders. For one, apps can be built completely for offline use and can now directly access to Glass’ hardware. This will allow Glassware to be made with the same capabilities as Google’s own creations. It also introduces a few new features, including “live cards” which, like Windows Live Tiles, feature constantly updating information. Where as the static timeline cards live to the right of the home screen on Glass, live cards are found with a swipe to the left. Exercise app Strava has a demo version of an app that keeps details about your jog or bike ride constantly updating on a live card, including distance and speed.

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Source: The Verge, TechCrunch

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