The Xbox One’s improved Kinect device is looking like an enormous leap ahead of its predecessor, but getting it there wasn’t easy. Designing it took a joint-effort between Microsoft’s research division and the Architecture and Silicon Management (ASM) shop, according to Redmond’s TechNet blog. It wasn’t enough that the designers had to address the original Kinect’s shortcomings either, they also had to account for the hurdles that adding new features presented. Take the new sensor’s HD camera upgrade, for example. Its wider field of view may make using Kinect in a real living room more feasible, but the enhanced fidelity made it harder for engineers to keep smaller objects (like fingers) from disappearing into the background. The team also filmed a pair of videos describing the camera’s new tricks like ambient light canceling and an improved color camera — you’ll find those, plus a look at how the device processes 6.5 million pixels / second without affecting the One’s performance at the source link below.

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Source: TechNet (Microsoft)

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