Occipital's Structure Sensor clamps onto your iPad for 3D scanning on the go

With the explosion of desktop 3D printers, there seems little doubt that the next big land grab is the world of 3D scanning. Microsoft’s Kinect has taken us a few steps closer to mainstreaming the technology, and MakerBot’s soon-to-launch Digitizer is no doubt likely to capture the imagination of much of that community. Kickstarter, naturally, is also littered with smaller companies looking for a piece of that action. Among them, Occipital’s Structure Sensor certainly has potential.

The company’s looking at a lofty $ 100,000 goal to bring its mobile scanner to market by year’s end. The device clips on to a tablet via a bracket, letting you scan objects, create 3D maps of indoor spaces and the like. All said, it’s a pretty nice looking bit of hardware. Of course, we can’t really vouch for ease of use or effectiveness. If you’re willing to take the risk, however, a $ 349 pledge entitles you to the hardware, an iPad bracket and a Lightning cable.

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Source: Kickstarter

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