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The Callaway Razr X Black golf clubs are aptly named for being razor sharp – cutting through the ground on a perfect swing to add 10-15 yards to your shot. Even on a bad shot, the Callaway Razr X irons forgive you by cutting through the ground (instead of digging in) to provide a long distance when otherwise you would end up with a mishit minimal yard shot.


Callaway Razr X Black Irons are a perfect combination of power and forgiveness, usually seen in wide sole irons, coupled with the precision and playability usually seen in thin sole irons. The result is an all around set of irons that hit the ball further in any type of ground conditions, with less effort and more forgiveness. This combination of perfection in the Callaway Razr X Black irons is attributed to the lower, deeper center of gravity of the clubs achieved by redistributing the back cavity weight to create faster ball speeds.


When you first hold a Callaway Razr X Iron in your hands you will notice how it feels right. Perfect weight and balance making your swing feel natural and controlled. Your smooth swing results in a stable hit through impact due to the optimized center of gravity.

The feel of a solid hit is vibrationless, muted and soft. You can tell from the sound and feel of the shot that it was a great hit without even looking up to follow your ball.

The black finish on the club head is great for eliminating the sun’s reflection and glare when addressing your ball. However the black finish does wear away quickly on the sole and face of the irons.


I found the Callaway Razr X Black irons added 10-15 yards to my shots without any additional power and no matter whether I was shooting from the fairway, rough or off the tee box. In addition, my shots that felt off and should have veered into a slice or hook actually held firm and straight. This can be great for beginners looking for that extra bit of forgiveness, but might pose a problem for players who are looking for irons to shape their shots into draws and fades.

Another important feature making the Callaway Razr X Black Irons easier to hit, are the strong lofts that are achieved with no extra effort. The short irons (7 – PW) achieve both high loft and long distances, while the long irons (4 – 6) are easier  to get airborne which in turns gets the distance.


To sum up the Callaway Razr X Irons, I would have to say you will love these clubs at first glance because of their look and feel. Once you try them out you will be sold by the forgiving shots they produce on a mishit, the ease of hitting the ball and getting loft in any lie and the long, accurate straight distances you will achieve on a consistent basis.

The only drawbacks I found with the clubs were the quick wearing away of the black finish on the club face and sole, and the difficulty in shaping your shots into a draw or fade.

All in all, I highly recommend these clubs for golfers with a handicap of 10+ as they will most certainly shave a few strokes off your game and also add distance and accuracy to your iron shots.


  • Great perfectly balanced feel in your hands
  • Black finish eliminates glare in the sun
  • Fast ball speeds off the face add 10+ yards to shots
  • Loft easily achieved on both short and long irons
  • Amazing ability to make shots go straight
  • Laser-like accuracy
  • Great playability on any lie (fairway, rough or tee box)
  • Mishits are still decent shots


  • Black finish wears off club face and sole quickly
  • Difficult to shape shots into a draw or fade
  • Solid hit impacts are muted and not as exciting as some players like to feel

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